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Don't Miss It! IAble Webinar Coming April 2

March 2024

For seven years, IAble has been helping individuals with disabilities protect their money from asset caps. Over 2,500 individuals are saving with the Plan, but we know there are so many more who could benefit, and you can help spread the word! Start by sharing information about two upcoming webinars with friends and family members who could benefit from saving with IAble. Then, send them a link for this newsletter to help them learn about how tax-time can be a great incentive to saving, the difference between Special Needs Trusts (SNTs) and ABLE accounts and more. 

March 2024 Newsletter

New Savings Goals for the New Year

January 2024

As we start a fresh, new year, it’s the perfect time to look at our savings goals for the year ahead with fresh eyes. Are you saving for something in the short-term; something for this year? Are you saving for something in the long-term; something you may want or need in the years to come? For many of us, it’s both.

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll look at creating goals and some features of IAble to help get you there.

January 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating Achievements of Working Individuals with Disabilities

October 2023

Save to Spend

July 2023

Six Years of Protecting Benefit Eligibility

April 2023

A New Year and New Opportunities

January 2023

Celebrating the Achievements of Working Account Owners

October 2022

Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom

July 2022

May Webinar, Myth Busting and More!

April 2022

A Fresh Start

January 2022

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