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Helping Individuals with Disabilities Maintain Independence

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About Us

With IAble, individuals with disabilities and their families can save for qualified disability-related expenses while protecting their eligibility for certain assistance programs like SSI and Medicaid. Choose from our seven investment options and receive generous tax savings, including a state tax deduction for Iowa taxpayers.



There are a few requirements individuals with disabilities must meet to be eligible for an account. Use our eligibility quiz to determine if you could be eligible to open an IAble account for yourself or a loved one. All you need is a few minutes to answer questions regarding your situation. 


Note from State Treasurer

Photo of Michael FitzgeraldState Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald is excited to administer IAble, Iowa’s Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) savings plan! With tax-advantaged ways to save for people with disabilities and their families, along with maintaining eligibility for assistance programs, IAble is an empowering plan that Treasurer Fitzgerald is thrilled to share.

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