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Unwrap a Financial Future with Ugift

Looking for the perfect gift? Consider contributing to a loved one’s IAble account – no wrapping or sizing required. Learn how Ugift®, a free service offered to IAble Account Owners, can help you give a gift without worry of impacting eligibility for SSI, Medicaid and other federal benefits.

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Now Easier to Open an Account

Recent ABLE regulations and changes to Iowa law expanded the list of Authorized Individuals who can open an IAble account on behalf of an Eligible Individual with a disability. In most cases, no backup documentation is required.

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Helping Individuals with Disabilities Maintain Independence

Start Saving Now

IAble Webinar

IAble partnered with the Iowa DD Council to present a webinar on the Plan, which covered important topics like enrollment updates, the ABLE Age Adjustment Act and more! Watch the webinar recording to learn why over 2,000 individuals with disabilities are saving with the Plan.


Opening an Account

Not sure if you or someone you know is eligible for an IAble account? Start with our Eligibility Quiz. All you need is a few minutes to answer questions regarding your situation.


Note from State Treasurer Roby Smith

With IAble, individuals with disabilities can achieve a future full of opportunity without being held back by asset caps of needs-based assistance programs. Whether short- or long-term, Account Owners can save for the expenses that mean the most to them and achieve their better life experience.

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