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ABLE to Work

IAble Account Owners who earn income may contribute additional funds (also known as ABLE to Work) beyond the Annual Contribution Limit of $18,000 – up to $14,580 more.

How It Works

The total additional annual contribution amount is equal to:

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines1 amount for a one-person household in the Account Owner's state of residence for the previous calendar year, currently $14,580 for Iowa.


  • The Account Owner’s gross wages, whichever is less.

Working Account Owners are not eligible to contribute additional funds to their IAble account if they are already contributing to an employer-sponsored:

  • 401(k) defined contribution plan

  • 403(b) annuity contract

  • 457(b) deferred compensation plan

Account Owners or Authorized Individuals should keep adequate records to ensure the limit is not exceeded. Any increase in contributions could impact tax obligations. Consult a tax advisor before making any such increase. If you are eligible, fill out the Earned Income Contribution Certification form (PDF). For more information, view the ABLE to Work federal guidelines

Additional Resources

Are you an employer looking to make your benefits package stand out from competitors? Offer contributions to an IAble account! Whether you have employees who know someone with a disability, or have employees with a disability themselves, providing this option is vital to having an inclusive work environment.

For Employers

Are you an employee looking for a sense of purpose, dignity and respect by working and earning an income? Consider payroll direct deposit to an IAble account. Check out the resources we provide for instructions on how to do exactly that, and more!

For Employees

1The Poverty Guidelines amount changes each year. Consult the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines for the correct amount for your state of residence.
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