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Employment Toolkit

Working individuals who are IAble Account Owners have the opportunity to contribute an additional $13,590 on top of the $17,000 annual contribution limit without compromising their eligibility for public benefits. In an effort to ensure people with disabilities have access to opportunities to earn an income, and employers are helping them achieve a better life experience, IAble has created toolkits for employees and employers to utilize.

Employer Toolkit


Help Your Employees Achieve a Better Life Experience (PDF)

This flyer is intended for employers. It explains how an ABLE account can support employees who have a disability or support someone with a disability. It includes information on eligibility, employment-related expenses and ABLE to Work.

Online Resources TalentWorks Toolkit

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) helps to build inclusive workplaces for individuals with disabilities through digital accessibility. They created an online resource, TalentWorks, to help employers and HR professionals make their recruiting technologies accessible to all job seekers – including those with disabilities. Toolkit Workplace Accommodation Toolkit

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert guidance on job accommodations and disability employment issues. Their Workplace Accommodation Toolkit provides guidance and resources for developing and updating accommodation policies and processes.

AskJAN Toolkit for Employers 

ABLE National Resource Center

The ABLE National Resource Center (NRC) is a leading source of information about federal- and state-related ABLE programs and activities. Their ABLE Employer Toolkit makes it easy for employers to contribute to the financial stability of employees with a disability.

ABLE NRC Employer Toolkit

Employee Toolkit


Earn Income, Save Money, Maintain Benefits (PDF)

This flyer is intended for employees who have a disability or support someone who has a disability. It offers information about ABLE accounts, including eligibility, how it relates to employment and ABLE to Work.

Getting Started with Payroll Direct Deposit (PDF)

This flyer is intended for employees. It offers information on how account owners, or individuals supporting someone with a disability, can work with their HR professional to implement payroll deduction.

Online Resources Resources for Employees

JAN provides free consulting services for all employees, regardless of their medical condition. Services include one-on-one consultation for job accommodations, vendors, referrals and ADA compliance.

AskJAN Resources for Employees

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) provides expert, individualized services to Iowans with disabilities to help them achieve independence through employment support. Among many services, they help people create an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).

IVRS Resources

ABLE National Resource Center

The ABLE NRC is a leading source of information about federal- and state-related ABLE programs and activities. Their Decision Guide Series includes one on ABLE accounts and working individuals with disabilities. You'll find information on retirement savings, public benefits and more. 

ABLE NRC Decision Guides

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